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HD 1080i  KARAOKE MACHINE:(with ECHO board)

This one can switch betwin DVD player mode and Karaoke mode.

1. Professional Function of Selecting Songs:
A: Various ways of selecting songs: with OSD electronic song menu,  it can support  many languages,such as  Simplified/Traditional Chinese, English,Vietnamese,Germany, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean etc. ;

Kinds of popular ways of selecting songs
Selecting by words: the song can be searched quickly by first word (at most four words), quick and precise; the traditional Chinese mode supports selecting songs by phonetic alphabet.
Selecting by languages: it's easy to find a song byChinese/Cantonese/Taiwanese/Vietnamese/English/Japanese/Korean, etc.
Selecting by artists: choose favorite singer, and select all his/her songs.
Selecting by song's type: select songs by Chorus/Chants/Opera/Popular songs;
Selecting songs by numbers: input the number of song, and select the song;
Song List: it's easy to delete or take precedence the selected songs.
B: Full function control: play, pause, skip, replay, voice, voice accompaniment, volume control, insert, delete, rundom play, rolling titles, etc.
Support video coding and packed format. Its capability of decoding and video outputting  MPEG1/2/4, DIVX, XVID, MP4, VOB, DAT, MPG, MPEG, MOV,and photo format  JPEG,BMP,TIF,GIF;
2. Support RM/RMVB decoding, the Max. support RM8/RM9/RM10;
3. Support MP3, WMA music format,  WAV can specially bring high quality enjoyment for the music fans. Support to browse, zoom, rotate, play full screen pictures, and can play background music while displaying pictures.
4. Various interfaces: HDMI 1.3 interface supports 1080i or 720P output, component Y/PB/PR 1080i or less video output, CVBS video and stereo AV output. USB2.0 SLAVE and HOST interfaces, optical and coaxial output interfaces.
5. Support built-in SATA interface hard disk, 3.5 inch disk will be ok. It can be external connected with kinds of USB hard disk, partition support FAT/FAT32/NTFS format, and support file copy and deletion among each facility.
6. Support various SRT Subtitle and DVD Subtitle, and support  subtitle switch.
7. Equipped with big-key luminous remote-controller, all the functions can be done on the remote-controller within 8-meter distance. The remote-controller uses 7# battery. The main functions can be done on the control panel.
8. The large power supply makes player work stably.

9. when in DVD mode,it can play DVD disc.

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